To use multimedia to tell stories about clients that resonate and connect with the viewer on a personal level. 





JRP Media is founded by photographer and director Jonathan Earl. For over 10 years he has shot for a roster of national and international clients that cover a wide cast of people from various walks of life. His clients have ranged from attorneys, CEO’s, musicians, liquor brands to athletes, models, actors and celebrities. 




"I love telling stories about my clients that resonate and connect with the viewer on a very personal level. I think sitting down with my clients and really getting to know their motivation so that I can craft a narrative that shapes their story or their brand is what sets me apart."




Jonathan Earl is a portrait photographer for the Heart Gallery of Tampa Bay and St. Pete photographing children in foster care. This is a cause that has been very close to his heart ever since a friend and fellow photographer got him involved in it. He hopes that by using his skills as a photographer his images can connect these children with families for the rest of their lives. If you would like information on adopting any of these children please visit the link below. 




2016_07_29_selfportraits (2 of 4)FF2016_07_29_selfportraits (2 of 4)FF