Blog Posting Guidelines

Here are some rules and guidelines for the This blog was created to help educate and inform  photographers Material posted to the site should be either in the form of sincere questions or responsive answers, otherwise they are not likely to be useful. 

  1. No signatures on blog post. You may not post a block of text or and/or an image and/or your website URL at the end of your posts saying who you are and/or containing a quote and/or other material unrelated to the subject under discussion.
  2. Don't post links to your website or online galleries. You may link to a page on your website in a post as long as it's a page that provides additional information directly related to the question you are asking or answering, but it's not OK to post a link just for self-promotion. 
  3. Don't post gratuitous requests in the blog for people to visit your gallery. Everyone would like more visitors, but we don't want the blog clogged up with such requests.
  4. Don't post advertisements or classified ads in the blog and don't post links to eBay auctions. 
  5. Promotion of products or companies in which you have a commercial interest is not allowed. If you represent a company you are welcome to answer user posted questions related to your company or products, but you should not use to gratuitously promote your company or any of the products which you sell or represent. 
  6. If you have an issue with something in the blog, please contact the Jonathan R Photography Inc.  by email, or send details of your complaints/comments to [email protected] Please do not start discussions about it in the blog itself
  7. Proofread your postings carefully.
  8. Though it shouldn't be necessary to ask this, it nevertheless is. Please treat other users with courtesy and respect, even if you disagree with them. Jonathan R Photography Inc. will not tolerate users who are insulting or abusive to others.
  9. Please stay on topic. If you hold strong religious or political views, please leave them at the door when you enter This is a site and blog for the discussion of photography, not a soapbox for your personal views on other matters.