Profoto D1 AIR KITS

The Profoto D1 Air Kits are very travel friendly. Everything breaks down and stores into a bag making it one of my favorite lighting kits. Being able to control the flash power from the Air remote on camera is another plus and Profoto makes more light modifiers then any other light manufacture.  We love our D1 Kits! 






Profoto RFI Softboxes and Grids

Profoto RFI soft boxes and are extremely well made and the way their speed rings attach to the flash head makes them one of our favorite choices out in the field. 









Westcott Apollo Orb

It sets up like an umbrella quickly and puts out a big soft directional light making it a great light modifier in a pinch when short on time. 







We go through Capture Integration for all of our Profoto Gear. In today's world of online ordering it's refreshing to deal with a real person. Their customer service reps guide you through the process one on one and will answer any questions you have. They do not pay me to promote them or offer me any discounts. I just really like doing business with them.  Click HERE to visit their website.