What can we do for you?

Professional photography isn’t just about taking a photograph; It’s about creating something that connects with the viewer. It’s about telling a story about you, your brand, and your company. 

JRP Medias goal is to make you and your companies look better. No matter what your business is or your genre. He will work with you to capture it in the best light possible. 


Brand Identity

Your brand defines you or your company. What is someone's first impression? When they see you, do they see your inner strength, a power that resonates what you have been through, your experiences and failures? Do they see who you are when they see your image, or do they see a selfie taken on an iPhone? How do they view your company? Do they see the time taken to carefully build every detail? Do they see the quality?

You’ve sacrificed time, money, nights out with friends and meals to be where you are. You’re brilliant in business, a dreamer that takes action. You are the sum of your life experiences and you need your brand image to portray that. 

Let’s take the next step together, to tell your story the way it's meant to be told. To show the world who you are with images that define you. Throughout my career as a professional photographer, I've worked with business owners, authors, CEO's, Attorney's and celebrities. Let me give your image the same attention I've given to them. Making you look your best is my job, Plus I have a team of professional hair and makeup artist for that extra touch of magicNothing is more important to me than my clients. 



What are the main services?


With 10yrs experience JRP Media has photographed everything from Fashion magazine editorials, celebrities on the red carpet to celebrities and business professionals in portrait settings. JRP's unique editorial style allows them to work fast in demanding situations.

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Film & Video

As well as great stills Jonathan can apply his knowledge of photography to film and video too.  An accomplished creative he naturally takes his knowledge of story telling and carries it over to directing. From providing video services for events to directing commercial client projects Jonathan has you covered.